Panasonic AC Repair in Ranchi

Panasonic AC Repair in Ranchi

Welcome to Ranchi Repairs, #1 Panasonic home appliance repair service company in Ranchi, provides top Panasonic AC repair in Ranchi at best price and at your home. We are fully private Panasonic AC service center in Ranchi and provides services of non warranty products only. We offer warranty on services and provide Panasonic air conditioner service in Ranchi within 60 minutes by giving 100% customer satisfaction.

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Panasonic AC Common Issues

It is typical for any electrical item to experience a problem or defect. Some issues are practical and simple to fix. Some, though, are challenging and call for expertise. Therefore, to investigate and resolve it, you would need to hire a competent specialist. The following is a list of typical problems for which you can contact a Panasonic AC repair service.

Lack of Cold Air from AC

It is a very common problem that is faced by the user. Incorrect control panel settings could be a reason behind this problem. It is advised to check the speed of fan and mode (cool). Making necessary changes in the control panel settings would help in resolving the problem. In case, the issue persists, you are advised to take professional help. Hiring skilled Panasonic AC repair service would be an ideal solution.

Electricity problems

If your Panasonic air conditioner won’t turn on, check the various components to make sure it has electricity. Check the circuit breaker for the fuse and replace it if necessary while the AC’s power plug is unplugged. Click the reset button after making sure the outlet is working, and then hit the power button. You must contact a qualified professional if the AC won’t switch on.

Foul Smell from the Unit

When we switch on the air conditioner, it occasionally gives off a foul scent. The drainage system’s flaw could be the source of this intolerable odour. Water builds up as dust and other debris become lodged in the drainage tray and pipe. Water that has been blacked with particles smells awful. You can get the drainage system cleared by calling a technician.

Leakage Issue

Leakage is a frequent problem. The copper pipes are constantly stressed due to the joints and curvature. These pipes weaken and develop holes that lead to leakage issues because of corrosion-causing substances and humidity. Hiring a qualified engineer for AC repair is the solution to this issue.

Panasonic AC Repair Service Cost in Ranchi

The cost of the Panasonic AC repair service is determined by a number of factors, including

  • Experience of the engineer
  • Type of issue/problem
  • Warranty
  • Price of spare parts used for repairing AC
  • Type of AC (split/ window)

You may get an idea of Panasonic AC repair and other servicing costs from the table below.

Type of ServiceApproximate Service Cost
InspectionRs. 300 to Rs. 400
Gas FillingRs. 1,500 to Rs. 3,400
Installation/ DismantlingRs. 600 to Rs. 2,300
Repair (Excluding spare parts cost)Rs. 300 to Rs. 3,000
Annual Maintenance ServiceRs. 800 to Rs. 2,000

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